Located in Iasi, one of Romania’s most beautiful cities, rich in history and cultural activities, the studio is just a few minutes’ walk from the historic city center, in a peaceful and picturesque neighborhood.

The location covers 100 square meters and has all the necessary utilities and despite being at the beginning of our journey, we take great pride in our state-of-the-art studio and cutting-edge equipment. From precision-calibrated monitors to specialized software, we are fully equipped to deliver projects of the highest quality.


Let’s get tehnical

Our studio has 3 editing bays, one for HDR cinema, one for 3D (stereoscopic) and one for TV and digital content.


Bay 1 (HDR 1000)

  • grade1 HDR reference monitor TV Logic LUM-310X-CI
  • 2 interface displays
  • 150 inch silver screen
  • Barco 6000 lumens projector
  • Davinci Resolve Advanced Panel Console
  • 100w nearfeald studio monitors


Bay 2 (3D)

  • 10bit stereoscopic monitor TVLogic TDM-473W
  • 2 interface displays
  • 2 interface displays
  • Euphonix MC Color Console


Bay 3 (TV)

  • 82 inch OLED Display
  • 2 interface displays
  • Davinci Resolve Mini Panel


All bays are conected through 10GB ethernet to a local server (for speed and redundancy).




+40 748 688 228